We're listening,

Abundance & Prosperity

Root out poverty in our community, there is enough for everyone

  • Establish permanent monthly stimulus checks (UBI)
  • Expand and simplify social services
  • Expedite pathways to homeownership
  • Expand & simplify home improvement grants
  • Create living-wage jobs
  • Invest in universal childcare
  • Support trade school education and union pathways for young people
  • Invest in our small businesses and expand LLC preparation services
  • Establish a public county bank

Freedom & Justice

Ending the criminalization of Black, brown & poor communities

  • Implement public safety alternatives to policing
  • Reduce incarceration, address dehumanizing jail conditions, and shift from jails to recovery centers
  • Fund the Public Defender’s Office
  • Create restorative justice structures
  • Eliminate racial disparity in prosecutions and sentencing
  • Pursue environmental justice including lead, water, and soil issues
  •  Diversify COMIDA and MCIDC

Peace & Healing

Everyone deserves housing, healthcare and a supportive community

  • Stop gentrification through rent stabilization and eviction protections
  • Hold non-local landlords accountable for their properties
  • Expand affordable housing
  • Expand programs for kids and teens
  • Expand mental, emotional, and spiritual healthcare services and substance use support
  • Increase equity in healthcare including access to Covid-19 vaccine
  • Increase community support structures for our Elders
  • Reduce gun violence

Neighborhood Beauty & Wellness

Cherishing our sacred history and tradition

  • Clean up the brownfield in PLEX
  • Expand public transportation, walkable, and bikeable streets
  • Fund local artists
  • Incentivize grocery stores and access to fresh food
  • Move Monroe County to renewable energy sources
  • Preserve and expand green space
  • Organize community based noise solutions and encourage municipal clean-ups
  • Encourage zoning that promotes meaningful urban density and reduces dependency on cars
  • Advocate for traffic calming strategies on busy streets and pothole repair